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The market size of CNC machine tools in China has reached 147.961 billion yuan

October 11, 2023

Latest company news about The market size of CNC machine tools in China has reached 147.961 billion yuan

CNC machining machines are machines that use digital information to achieve automatic control. It compiles information related to the processing of parts (such as the size parameters of the relative motion trajectory between the workpiece and the tool, the process parameters of cutting, and various auxiliary operations) into a machining program sheet in a specified format using specified text, numbers, and symbols, and then inputs it into the CNC device through the control medium. After analysis and processing by the CNC device, Send out various signals and instructions corresponding to the processing program for automatic processing.


The operation of CNC machining tools is in a continuous control process of calculation, output, feedback, etc., to ensure the accuracy of the relative position between the tool and the workpiece.


In recent years, Chinese machine tool enterprises have implemented reliability technology, and the reliability level of domestic machine tools has steadily increased, but the gap between them and similar products in developed countries is still significant. In order to change the current situation of China's machine tool industry, major special projects are implemented to promote the reliability level of domestic CNC machine tools to approach or reach the world's advanced level, solve engineering problems that hinder the technological development of the CNC machine tool industry, and reverse the passive situation of international market competition.

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