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Regulations for safe operation of v grooving machine (1)

April 20, 2023

Latest company news about Regulations for safe operation of v grooving machine (1)

Strictly abide by the safety operation regulations and wear labor protection articles according to the regulations.

Check whether the equipment and power switch, foot switch and emergency stop button are normal before starting work.

After the V Grooving Machine is started, lubricating oil should be injected into the specified parts of the equipment.

Before V grooving, the worktable of the machine must be cleaned, and other articles are forbidden to be placed on the surface.

Check the coincidence degree and firmness of the pressing sheet metal and clamping clamp, whether the indication of the pressure gauge meets the requirements, and whether the positioning devices meet the requirements of processing.

Before v grooving, do not put the sheet metal, first go back and forth empty v grooving for 2-3 times. In case of any fault or abnormality, stop the machine immediately to eliminate the fault.

The equipment can only be operated after it is running normally, flexibly and reliably.

When the machine tool is working, people are not allowed to stand at the back of the machine tool.

Before v grooving, the thickness of the metal sheet to be grooved shall be checked with a measuring tool. It is strictly prohibited that the thickness of the metal sheet to be grooved exceeds the maximum thickness marked by the equipment.

When grooving, the feed rate and planing speed should be balanced and appropriate. Remember to always check the fixed condition of the cutter and work piece and the normal operation of each part of the machine tool.

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