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How to Determine Whether Sheet Metal Bending

January 15, 2024

The bending capacity of a press brake is not up to its model; rather, it is closely related to the V-grooves and bending tools used. Typically, the width of the V-groove is six times the thickness of the sheet metal. This means that the bending line should extend at least 3 times the material thickness above the top of the sheet. If the V-groove is too narrow, the bending coefficient will change. Additionally, excessive pressure on the V-groove can impact its lifespan.


Whether a sheet metal part can be bent not only depends on whether the bending length is too short, but also requires attention to the following points:

Whether the length in the longitudinal direction exceeds the maximum bending limit of the back gauge.

Whether the length in the transverse direction exceeds the maximum length of the current bending machine.

Whether the second bend of a U-shaped part will collide with the tool or the upper part of the machine.

When folding the sides of a box-like workpiece, whether the product will collide with the upper part when folding the other two sides.

Whether protruding parts near the bending line will be pressed during the bending process.

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